This course is designed to deepen educators’ knowledge related to the research and best practices for implementation success with Imagine Language & Literacy. Each module of the course includes opportunities to view videos, download and read resources, apply new learnings, and reflect and collaborate with other colleagues.

This ConnectED class, is a collaborative opportunity for all: teachers learning from each other and teachers learning from instructors. Developing a classroom environment that is conducive to all learners is front and foremost in our minds as we facilitate this professional development opportunity for elementary reading teachers. This course is structured to help teachers develop a better understanding of how to support all learners by using ConnectEd. By the end of this course, teachers will develop a greater toolkit of strategies to manipulate and utilize ConnectED.

Using various online resources, we will focus on supporting all learners through the following topics:

Managing the Calendar
Adding students to your roster
Launching Presentation feature
Creating and assigning assignments
Assigning games and viewing progress

This 15 hour, 1 credit professional development course is designed to help teachers to unpack and fully understand the English Language Arts Literature Common Core Standards. This is a 7 week course which includes 3 online sessions, 3 face-to-face sessions, and a final project. Coursework for each 2.25 hour online session includes interaction with resources, application-based activities, and participation in reflective discussion forums.  

You will have access to all the topics and activities at the start of the course.  Online activities should be completed prior to the correlating face to face session.  Please make your initial discussion post in a timely manner so you and your colleagues have time to read, reflect, and respond to one another’s thoughts. A culminating activity will tie together your learning from each course topic.

Topics for this course include learning and understanding the literature standards in these three clusters:

  • Key Ideas and Details

  • Craft and Structure

  • Integration of Knowledge and Ideas